Troll Patrol: Can You Dig It?

One of our troops came across an old treasure map during our last offensive. If what it shows is true, then there are priceless troll artifacts nearby. My soldiers have their hands full, pressed between the Drakkari and the Scourge. I need you to follow up on this intelligence. Take this shovel and use it at the loose dirt mounds to the southwest. Return to me after a diligent search has been conducted.


Level: 76
Requires level 74
Type: Daily
Start: Captain Brandon
End: Captain Brandon

Captain Brandon in Drak’Sotra wants you to use the Steel Spade on the nearby Ancient Dirt Mounds to recover the Ancient Drakkari Relic.

  • Ancient Dirt Mounds Investigated (5)

Provided item:

  • Steel Spade

Quest Series


You will receive: 1 Gold 58 Silver

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2,910 experience
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