The Storm Peaks Quests

The Storm Peaks have a mysterious history. Long ago, the titans lived here. They created Ulduar as their city, and it is from here that they conducted their experiments. It is said that the Storm Peaks are the origin of the storm giants, and perhaps the dwarves and troggs as well. When the titans disappeared, the races were left to fend for themselves. The dwarves moved south into warmer climates, but the storm giants remained and claimed Ulduar as their own. They developed crystalline golems to aid them in their research and as guards. Over time, the storm giants have dwindled in number and grown ever more reclusive. Now only a handful remain.

The storm giants make their home in the Storm Peaks. They are of an impressive size, more than 30 feet tall and powerfully built. The storm giants are capable of summoning small storms. They keep to themselves, hiding in their caves and tunnels below the surface, and avoid visitors. Myths say that the titans created the storm giants; perhaps dwarves have an origin in common to the storm giants. It is possible that the storm giants may know more about the dwarves’ past than the dwarves do themselves — however, they are not likely to tell anyone about it. The storm giants like their privacy, and their crystalline golems help maintain that. They are the same golems that reside in Crystalsong Forest, gathering crystals to bring back to their masters. In Crystalsong Forest, they are servants and couriers. In the Storm Peaks, they function as door wardens and bodyguards, making sure no intruder gains entrance to the storm giants’ lairs.

Map of the Storm Peaks

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When All Else Fails (11)

When All Else Fails

Jeer Sparksocket has:

A Delicate Touch

Ricket has:

Moving In (10)

Moving In

Crystalweb Cavern

Only Partly Forgotten

Gretchen Fizzlespark has:

Ore Repossession

Going Bearback (4)

Going Bearback

The Drakkensryd (27)

The Drakkensryd

Territorial Trespass

Mandatory side quest:

The Reckoning (22)

The Reckoning

Mandatory side quest:

Brunnhildar Village

Valkyrion Must Burn (4)

Valkyrion Must Burn

Dun Niffelem

Blowing Hodir's Horn (7)

Blowing Hodir’s Horn


Hot and Cold


Thrusting Hodir's Spear (10)

Thrusting Hodir’s Spear




Sirana Iceshriek (16)

Sirana Iceshriek

Rork Sharpchin has:

Lagnus has:

Fjorlin Frostbrow has:

The Master Explorer (15)

The Master Explorer

Archaeologist Andorin has:

Pushed Too Far

Bouldercrag Refuge

The Armor's Secrets (6)

The Armor’s Secrets

After completing Norgannon’s Shell:

The Exiles of Ulduar

While killing golems, loot the  [Dark Armor Plate] to continue the quest chain.

The Heart of the Swarm (5)

The Heart of the Swarm

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