Icecrown Quests

The name of Icecrown became infamous when Kil’jaeden hurled the Lich King back into the mortal world. Ner’zhul’s prison slammed into the glacier and created the Frozen Throne. The impact was seen as far away as the Grizzly Hills. Here the Lich King remained until freed by Arthas, and the two beings merged into Arthas’ body. From the Icecrown Citadel, he commands the Scourge.

Apparently, troops of the Scarlet Crusade succeeded in approaching the stronghold during a counter offensive, but in the end were repelled by the Scourge. Orman of Stromgarde was the highest-ranking human among the countless casualties of this failed assault.

In World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Icecrown, previously ravaged by the tremendous force unleashed when Arthas and the Lich King merged into a single being, has been heavily fortified by the Scourge. Massive walls and ramparts have been erected throughout the region and Angrathar the Wrathgate bars entry from the bordering Dragonblight, while the reconstructed Icecrown Citadel looms overhead.

Map of Icecrown

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The Argent Vanguard

The Last Line of Defense (7)

The Last Line of Defense

Judgment Day Comes!

Valley of Echoes

The Purging of Scourgeholme (30)

The Purging Of Scourgeholme

Complete both to continue:

It Could Kill Us All

Side quests:

After completing the above steps, including side quests:

Crusader’s Pinnacle

Dahlia's Tears (12)

Dahlia’s Tears

The Boon of Alexstrasza

The Skybreaker

Assault by Ground (5)

Assault by Ground


Blood of the Chosen

Broken Front

gsr 2

After The Broken Front

That’s Abominable!

After The Broken Front:

Leading the Charge

*The asterisk denotes quests that are marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.

Aldur’thar: The Desolation Gate

Before the Gate of Horror (4)

Before the Gate of Horror

Shatter the Shards

Bloodspattered Banners (25)

Bloodspattered Banners

Valley of Fallen Heroes

Saronite Mines

Mind Tricks (1)

Mind Tricks

The Shadow Vault

I Have an Idea, But First (4)

I Have an Idea, But First

It’s All Fun and Games

Crush Dem Vrykuls! (17)

Crush Dem Vrykuls!

After Let the Baron Know:

Vile Like Fire!

After Let the Baron Know:

After Let the Baron Know:

Honor is For the Weak (5)

Honor is For the Weak

Keritose Bloodblade:

Seeds of Chaos

Vereth the Cunning (5)

Vereth the Cunning


By Fire Be Purged (7)

By Fire Be Purged

After If He Cannot Be Turned:

Destroying the Altars

I'm Not Dead Yet! (18)

I’m Not Dead Yet!

Father Kamaros:


Revenge for the Vargul (27)

Revenge for the Vargul

After The Shadow Vault:

Banshee’s Revenge

Battle at Valhalas Final Challenge (11)

Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge

Death’s Rise

No Fly Zone (7)

No Fly Zone

After Vandalizing Jotunheim:

In Strict Confidence (19)

In Strict Confidence


Icecrown Citadel

Set it Off! (1)

Set it Off!

After  80. The Shadow Vault

Time to Hide

First Legion Forward Camp

Army of the Damned (7)

Army of the Damned

After  80. Field Repairs

The Argent Tournament

The Argent Tournament (2)

The Argent Tournament

A Worthy Weapon

Complete the daily quests listed below to earn enough [Aspirant’s Seal] to continue (15 seals at 5 per day).

At the Enemy's Gates (13)

At the Enemy’s Gates

Players will be offered one of these quests based on their race:

The Valiant’s Challenge

Complete the daily quests listed below to earn enough [Valiant’s Seal] to continue (25 seals at 5 per day).

At The Enemy’s Gates

After completing “The Valiant’s Challenge“, the following quests open up, allowing players to repeat the Valiant stage of daily quests (steps six and seven) for the other factions with which they have not yet earned the right to champion:

The Black Knight's Orders (10)

The Black Knight’s Orders

The Black Knight Chain:

The Black Knight of Westfall?

After reaching the rank of Champion:

Started in Patch 3.2.0:

Threat From Above (14)

Threat From Above

Champion Dailies:

Taking Battle To The Enemy

Start earning [Champion’s Seals] to purchase rewards:


Sindragosa’s Fall

The Hunter and the Prince (21)

The Hunter and the Prince


vikstone final appearance

Vikstone in his final days of World of Warcraft in 2010.

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