Dragonblight Quests

Once this region was a thriving land, the most fertile in Northrend after the Sholazar Basin. That was long ago. Now it is a vast wasteland where even the snow and ice seem drained. Most of the Dragonblight is a single enormous valley. And it’s filled with bodies of dragons. Ailing and old dragons, from every dragonflight, from all over the world, come here to die. The ground is littered with dragons of all colors. Black, red, green, blue, and bronze, they all lie here together, all their differences set aside in death. The mightiest creatures in the world, laid low by age and illness and attack.

The land has never recovered, and never will. It weeps for its lost children, and remains barren in their memory. In effect, there are no particularly noteworthy happenings in the Dragonblight’s past, save the deaths of many dragons and the first use of the Plague to wipe out the native Humans.

Map of Dragonblight

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Wintergarde Keep

Secrets of the Scourge (5)

Secrets of the Scourge

A Righteous Sermon

After Return to the High Commander

Frostmourne Cavern (24)

Frostmourne Cavern

After Return to the High Commander

After A Righteous Sermon and Understanding the Scourge War Machine

An End and a Beginning (10)

An End and a Beginning

Steamtank Surprise

The Battle For the Undercity (21)

The Battle For the Undercity

Reborn From The Ashes

*The asterisk denotes quests that are marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.

Group quests, after Return to the High Commander

7th Legion Front

Pesting Control (5)

Pest Control

Stars’ Rest

Defending Wyrmrest Temple (10)

Defending Wyrmrest Temple

Heated Battle

Projections and Plans (1)

Projections and Plans

Wyrmrest Temple

Mighty Magnataur (3)

Mighty Magnataur


The Plume of Alystros (1)

The Plume of Alystros




The Obsidian Dragonshrine (5)

The Obsidian Dragonshrine


Moa’ki Harbor

Moa'ki Harbor (3)

Moa’ki Harbor

These quests give Kalu’ak reputation.

Lumber Hack

Nozzlerust Post

Hard to Swallow (12)

Hard to Swallow

The Crystal Vice

Really Big Worm (10)

Really Big Worm

Light’s Trust

Stomping Grounds (3)

Stomping Grounds

Moonrest Gardens

End Arcanimus (1)

End Arcanimus

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