Howling Fjord Quests

Howling Fjord was a favorite on Northrend from the first time explorers reached the continent through the Daggercap Bay. The natural harbor provided an ideal launching point for expeditions throughout the continent. After the Lich King arrived, the Scourge swept across the continent, conquering most of its races and claiming many of the towns and citadels. During the Third War, Prince Arthas Menethil of Lordaeron arrived with his soldiers to destroy the dreadlord Mal’Ganis and punish him for the plague unleashed in his homeland.

Arthas and the dwarven noble Muradin Bronzebeard joined forces against Mal’Ganis, who they thought to be the Lich King’s lackey. When Arthas’s father summoned him home again, the prince responded by hiring mercenaries to burn his own ships, and blaming only them for the act of treachery, thus forcing his men to stay and fight. He searched for and obtained the cursed blade Frostmourne in the nearby region of Dragonblight, killing Muradin in the process. He used Frostmourne to defeat Mal’Ganis but lost his soul to the Lich King as a result.

Arthas staggered away alone after the battle, and his men were left behind, stranded on Northrend. These humans and dwarves founded Valgarde. They also built the fortifications that protect it to this day. As Valgarde grew, its residents forced the Drakkari and furbolgs back into the Grizzly Hills and beyond, making the region safe enough for brave farmers to till the land.

Map of Howling Fjord

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Dragonflayer Battle Plans (4)

Dragonflayer Battle Plans

Macalroy begins:

Rescuing the Rescuers

To The Clutches of Evil.

After Rescuing the Rescuers:

To The Explorers’ League Outpost

Drop it then Rock it (6)

Drop it then Rock it

After Rescuing the Rescuers:

The Echo of Ymiron (6)

The Echo of Ymiron

After Rescuing the Rescuers:

Anguish of Nifflevar

After Rescuing the Rescuers:

After Rescuing the Rescuers:

Harold Lagras, in Daggercap Bay, has:

Explorers’ League Outpost

The Explorers' League Outpost (5)

The Explorers’ League Outpost

Donny, at Ivald’s Ruin, has:

After Return to Valgarde:

We Have the Technology

Iron Rune Constructs and You The Bluff (1)

Iron Rune Constructs and You: The Bluff

The Delicate Sound of Thunder

To The Clutches of Evil.

Hidalgo has:

Westguard Keep

Two Wrongs (7)

Two Wrongs…

Captain Adams has:

Mission: Eternal Flame

Towers of Certain Doom (6)

Towers of Certain Doom

Complete these three quests for the Westguard Sergeant:

While attacking Skorn, find a drop that begins:

Of Keys and Cages

After All Hail the Conqueror of Skorn!:

While Dealing With Gjalerbron, find a drop that begins:

Operation - Skornful Wrath (1)

Operation: Skornful Wrath

After Two Wrongs…

Leader of the Deranged

To My Daughter.

Chef Kettleblack has:

Cannoneer Ely has:

Bombardier Petrov has:

Steel Gate/Chillmere Coast

Steel Gate Patrol (14)

Steel Gate Patrol

Old Man Stonemantle, in Westguard Keep, begins:

Overseer Irena Stonemantle begins:

While killing Scourge, receive a drop that begins:

Engineer Feknut has:

In Worg's Clothing (12)

In Worg’s Clothing

Watcher Moonleaf has:

Fort Wildervar

We Call Him Steelfeather (7)

We Call Him Steelfeather

After All Hail the Conqueror of Skorn!:

Christopher Sloan has:

Demolishing Megalith

After I’ll Try Anything!:

After I’ll Try Anything!:

Preying Upon the Weak (5)

Preying Upon the Weak

Trapper Jethan has:

Foreman Colbey has:

Ember Clutch

Ember Clutch (1)

Ember Clutch

Ember Clutch Ancient has:


Kamagua (6)


Lunk-tusk, just south of Westguard Keep, has:

The Staff of Storm's Fury (6)

The Staff of Storm’s Fury

A Carver and a Croaker

Elder Atuik, at Kamagua, has:

After Street “Cred”:

The Jig is Up

The Jig is Up (9)

After Forgotten Treasure:

Scuttle Frostprow, at Scalawag Point, begins:

Frozen Glade

Spawn of the Twisted Glade (4)

Spawn of the Twisted Glade

Keeper Witherleaf

Chillmere Coast

Spirits of the Ice (5)

Spirits of the Ice

Old Icefin, on an island just off the coast, has:

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