Wrath of the Lich King – The Graphic Novel

Over 1000 pages later, I have put the finishing touches to the World of Warcraft Cinematic Quest Guide. I originally started this project on New Years Day of 2009 but had to postpone it for nearly six years. What started as a short introductory guide to the starter zones of the new continent of Northrend became something far greater when I realized the true scope of this game back in the day.

It took over 22,000 screenshots to capture Vikstone’s evolution to level 80. His journey through each of the eight zones of Wrath of the Lich King is chronicled, quest by quest. Newcomers to Warcraft and MMORPGs may have missed this era, but it is considered by many to represent pivotal moments of Warcraft lore.

The Heart of Warcraft Lore

The World of Warcraft Cinematic Quest Guide and Northrend Atlas are meant to immortalize the story behind the fall of Arthas.  I re-launched Gamer Tribute on July 4th, 2014 and dusted off the thousands of screenshots I took several years ago. These quests are presented as a stylized narrative with Vikstone acting as the central protagonist. Over 50 different players from the Terokkar realm make ‘guest appearances’ throughout the story.

If I could describe in one sentence what this project really is, I would call it an online graphic novel. If one wanted to look back on his favorite quests from World of Warcraft and watch them play out live as they actually took place many years ago, then this is it. Vikstone’s tale of revenge against the Lich King was epic and each new zone grew even more complex. The character of Vikstone is heavily influenced by Kratos from the God of War series and Mace Windu, as portrayed in the novel, Shatterpoint.


Vikstone in his final days of World of Warcraft.

Vikstone in his final days of World of Warcraft.

Why finish a guide I originally intended to release in 2009?

I made a promise to my guild, Trinity Republic, and nostalgia can be a real bitch. Wrath of the Lich King and its underlying themes set it apart from all other World of Warcraft expansions. This guide depicts major lore events but veteran players will quickly recognize WoWHead’s influences in the way each “chapter” is designed.

Some of my most memorable quests (out of the hundreds) are listed below. You may remember a quest you personally loved from back in the day. Browse through the zones or simply use the site’s search bar.

I did not intend for the memories of my friends and the World of Warcraft community as it once existed to become remnants of the past. Though my site is still in its infancy stage, this project simply marks the beginning.

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