Release of EVE Online War Stories: Act I

On April 16th, I finally released EVE Online War Stories: Act I. It’s been four years on and off building this project up from scratch and learning how to create a website. Back in 2014, I was an amateur at web design and writing was just a hobby. I was a random Pandemic Legion pilot with about four years of experience playing the game, still a n00b in the grand scheme. The announcement of Andrew Groen’s The Empires of EVE was one of many things that inspired me to create this project. I didn’t want the memories of these events to be forgotten. So much has changed in game mechanics since the NC vs DRF war. So much has happened before that. I wanted to preserve all the history in the past several years and use it to help teach newcomers basic PvP tactics and how the game works.

I originally planned on six campaigns to be released all at once, ending with the Halloween War. After semi-retiring in 2016, I added World War Bee as the seventh and last campaign in the project, and for it to be released in two parts. Act I introduces the game world and sets the backdrop for its major players. Act II, during which my character is older, will delve deeper into advanced PvP tactics and the propaganda used in those wars.

EVE Online War Stories – Main Page

Primary Sources

EVE Online Uncensored from the Kugutsumen Forums was controversial but provided the latest news and battle reports as it happened in the game.

Act I includes:

Act II will include:

  • SoCo vs Honeybadger Coalition and CFC (2012)
  • The Fountain War (2013)
  • The Halloween War (2013-2014)
  • World War Bee (2016)

It was difficult to gather the information from these times in EVE to do justice to what happened but there were many sources that helped. Some, such as CCP’s EVEWiki and the public Kugutsumen forums, have become defunct. Kugutsumen was a great source for propaganda and battle reports, if you knew how to filter through some of the posts. I was able to save some images, gifs, and reports before it was shut down., EVENews24, and Failheap Challenge are commonly used sources, especially in Act II. Reddit EVE as of 2018 is now the modern platform for 24/7 updates. 

It was challenging when old content went missing on the net but the Wayback Machine preserved a lot of the material, including classic EVEWiki pages. Great transitions occurred such as EVE-Kill to Zkillboard, forcing me to scramble and re-organize data. I managed to save a lot of my own screenshots and logs. Many of the battles feel like they happened yesterday and some things are just hard to forget. My pilot flew under Morsus Mihi, Against ALL Authorities and Pandemic Legion from 2010-2016. The story is centered around each perspective and aims to keep it unbiased. I was fortunate to play the game from three very different cultures.

Juggling with different projects on the site and real life delayed me; the site in general has been in ongoing construction. It feels good to finally share Act I with the community and it’s free of charge.

The groundwork for Act II has been laid down and it’s currently under development.