I thinkin’ it be time to do some scalpin’, mon! The trolls at Heb’Drakkar to the northeast should do nicely. With their fancy bats and attackin’ us, they got it comin’! Ahunae even give you his own knife so that you do the job right.

Scalps! (1)


Level: 77
Requires level 74
Start: Scalper Ahunae
End: Scalper Ahunae

Scalper Ahunae at Zim’Torga wants you to use Ahunae’s Knife to scalp 10 Heb’Drakkar trolls. The scalper reminds you that you should loot them first.

  • Heb’Drakkar trolls scalped (10)

Provided item:

  • Ahunae’s Knife

Quest Series


You will receive: 6 Gold 50 Silver

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 11,770 experience

Scalps! (3)

Scalps! (4)

Scalps! (5)

Scalps! (6)

Scalps! (7)

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