My Prophet, My Enemy

My prophet absorbed too much of my power too quickly, and subsequently killed himself. You can see the results at the water-filled crater to the south in Drak’Mabwa. My former priests have already resurrected him so that he can finish the job. They’re channeling my power back into him, and it will not be long now before he reawakens. You must put an end to him and return with my mojo before it is too late.


Level: 77
Requires level 74
Start: Spirit of Rhunok
End: Spirit of Rhunok

The Spirit of Rhunok at the Altar of Rhunok has asked you to acquire his Arctic Bear God Mojo.

  • Arctic Bear God Mojo

Quest Series


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 11,770 experience

My Prophet, My Enemy (2)

My Prophet, My Enemy (3)

My Prophet, My Enemy (4)

My Prophet, My Enemy (5)

You did it. But now there is one other thing that I need you to do.

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