Dark Horizon

Ahh, another supplicant answerin’ da Lich King’s call.

<Drakuru sniffs you.>

Freshly scourged, eh? Ya still be reekin’ of da living! Long be da line of dem who seek da Lich King’s blessings. Ya must rise above da masses and prove yerself worthy of wieldin’ true power. Lookin’ down over Zul’Drak, I sensed potential in ya. I ordered your – invitation. Da rest be up ta you….

Go an’ speak ta Gorebag for a tour of Zul’Drak. Dere be much ta do if you’re to be of any worth to me.

Dark Horizon


Level: 75
Requires level 74
Start: Overlord Drakuru
End: Overlord Drakuru

Drakuru in Voltarus wants you to speak to Gorebag and take the tour of Zul’Drak.

  • Tour of Zul’Drak complete
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