The Blessing of Zim’Rhuk

There is another god of Zul’Drak that is being neglected. Zim’Rhuk’s statue lies directly to the north. Known as “The Wise One”, Zim’Rhuk is also known to be very protective of his domain. He maintains guardians that deal harshly with anyone that does not have the wits to slip past them. Avoid the guardians and give the Drakkari offerings to Zim’Rhuk so that you will benefit from his blessing.


Level: 77
Requires level 74
Start: Witch Doctor Khufu
End: Zim’Rhuk

Witch Doctor Khufu wants you to present 10 Drakkari Offerings to the statue of Zim’Rhuk.

  • Drakkari Offerings (10)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 11,770 experience
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