Polishing the Helm

As you draw near the helm, you notice that the frigid environment is already taking its toll on the artifact’s surface. What is now just a thin layer of ice will surely grow to envelop it entirely. Not about to let your hard efforts go to waste, you resolve to scour the region in search of a solution. Just as you set off, the eyes of the helm flash and an image of the nearby Hibernal Cavern enters your mind.


Level: 80
Requires level 77
Type: Daily
Start: Hodir’s Helm
End: Hodir’s Helm

You are to enter Hibernal Cavern west of Dun Niffelem and collect 5 units of Viscous Oil from the Viscous Oils there. You are then to return to Dun Niffelem and apply the oil to Hodir’s Helm.

  • Viscous Oil (5)

Quest Series


You will receive: 7 Gold 40 Silver

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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