You Can’t Miss Him

So it is you we have to thank for Fjorn’s demise? While it’s true that you have aided us in our time of need, there is still much that must be done to repair our relations with Thorim. For now, I shall allow Njormeld to reforge the armor we gifted to the Stormlord so many ages ago. Consider it payment for your assistance against Fjorn. 

Njormeld was sent to recover Fjorn’s anvil. You should find him there.

You Can't Miss Him (4)


Level: 80
Requires level 77
Start: King Jokkum
End: Njormeld

King Jokkum in Dun Niffelem wants you to find Njormeld at Fjorn’s Anvil.

Quest Series


You will receive: 74 Silver

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

You Can't Miss Him (5)

You Can't Miss Him (6)

Reforging Thorim's armor? It can be done. First though, there's the matter of the anvil...

Reforging Thorim’s armor? It can be done.
First though, there’s the matter of the anvil…

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