Weapons of Destruction

The Lich King’s lackeys have dared to bring weapons of destruction into my domain. I will not stand for this. Go to their outpost to the north and destroy the weapons they would use against the land. We cannot let the Scourge taint another inch of these sacred lands.

Weapons of Destruction (1)


Level: 77
Requires level 77
Start: Avatar of Freya
End: Avatar of Freya

The Avatar of Freya wants you to go to the Death’s Hand Encampment to the northwest and destroy 4 Unstable Explosives.

  • Unstable Explosives destroyed (4)


You will receive: 6 Gold 50 Silver

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 11,770 experience

Weapons of Destruction (2)

I thank you, Night Elf.  You're proving to be a worthy ally.

I thank you, Night Elf. You’re proving to be a worthy ally.

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