The Will of the Naaru

I appreciate everything that you have done for us, Vikstone. I have one last errand for you… one last gleaming hope for a paladin who deserves any salvation that we can extend. Go now to Shattrath and speak to the naaru, A’dal. He has long been a beacon of light and powerful ally to devout paladins. Impart Bridenbrad’s story and seek any aid that he might have to offer. I cannot impress how important it is that you move quickly – I fear our crusader does not have much more time in this world.

The Will of the Naaru (1)


Level: 80
Requires level 77
Start: Highlord Tirion Fordring
End: A’dal

Request the aid of A’dal at Shattrath City in Terokkar Forest.

Quest Series


You will receive: 5 Gold 80 Silver

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

The Will of the Naaru (2)

The Will of the Naaru (3)

(A gentle ringing fills your head as you approach the naaru.) I know why you have come.

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