The Boon of A’dal

I am pleased that you have come to me, Vikstone. I know of Crusader Bridenbrad, and of your travels in hope of saving him. Bridenbrad’s valor has sparked remarkable selflessness in you, and this is a miracle unto itself. The Light will take care of its own. I will extend my blessing to Bridenbrad and he shall not endure the corruption of undeath. I shall return you to Dalaran, and you shall return to him. Know that I remain with you.

The Boon of A'dal (1)


Level: 80
Requires level 77
Start: A’dal
End: Crusader Bridenbrad

Return to Crusader Bridenbrad at the Silent Vigil in Icecrown.

Quest Series


You will receive: 7 Gold 40 Silver

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

The Boon of A'dal (2)

(As you approach Crusader Bridenbrad, you cannot help but notice that his skin has taken on a pale hue and his breaths are shallow. It is clear that he has little time left.) You have returned to me, Warrior. I must admit… it is good to see you again… your face renews my hope that this land will be free of Arthas’s grasp one day soon. I’m proud to have met you…

The Boon of A'dal (3)

The Boon of A'dal (4)

The Boon of A'dal (5)

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