Test of Mettle

Alright, friend. You’ve done us a favor or two, but that’s not the true test of a person’s courage. Around these parts, you’re not a real hunter unless you wear your prey’s skin.

<Sergei unsheathes his skinning knife and hands it to you.>

The leader of those motherless orcs attacking our town is called Bonesnap; you’ll find him at a camp further northwest. That’s right. You’re going to skin the monster.


Level: 74
Requires level 73
Start: Sergei
End: Captured Trapper

Find Sergeant Bonesnap northwest of Silverbrook and pass the Test of Mettle.

  • Test of Mettle

Provided item:

  • Bloodied Scalping Knife

Quest Series


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 15,550 experience

Test of Mettle (2)

Test of Mettle (3)

Test of Mettle (4)

Don’t do it, Vikstone. The people that sent you here…. you shouldn’t trust them.

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