Search Indu’le Village

I‘m certain that you’ll find the next ley line focus somewhere in the remains of Indu’le Village to the southeast. The problem is, we’ve had absolutely no reports of there being one there. If you would, please investigate the village for any signs of the focus or the mage hunters and their commander in the area. Don’t forget to search in the lake if you have to.


Search for the commander of the mage hunter forces at Indu’le Village and Lake Indu’le.

Quest Series


You will receive: 5 Gold

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 20,300 experience
  • 250 reputation with Kirin Tor

Search Indu'le Village (2)

Search Indu'le Village (3)

You find the corpse of the mage hunter commander here. Judging by his appearance, and the condition of the forces around him, you would guess that they didn’t drown. Rather, when they summoned the focus in, they didn’t expect the elementals that arose from the rents in the lake bed to attack. It would appear that the mage hunter forces were the architects of their own demise.

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