Reborn From The Ashes

Our fate is emblazoned upon our souls at birth. Bolvar’s fall, while tragic, was unavoidable. All that you can do now is honor your hero, Vikstone. Collect Bolvar’s shield from the field of battle and return it to your king. When you present the shield to Varian, tell him this: “All is not lost. From the ashes of the fallen will rise a force that will unite nations and purge the evil from this world.”

He mustn’t lose faith. Go now, Vikstone. Your people need a hero. They need you.


Gather Fordragon’s Shield from the field of battle at Angrathar the Wrath Gate and return it to King Varian Wrynn at Stormwind Keep in Stormwind City.

  • Fordragon’s Shield

Quest Series


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Reborn From the Ashes (2)

Reborn From the Ashes (3)

Reborn From the Ashes (4)

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