Messy Business

Even at first glance, the sample you brought me shows obvious signs of some kind of corrosive spit. It would be a natural assumption that the same substance these worms use to burrow through the ground has allowed them a formidable weapon against the Ice Giants. Take this scraper and pick a fight with some of the worms. When they spit on you, use the scraper to remove it and bring it back to me.

Get me a couple samples – I’m going to have to use it as the base for an elixir.

Messy Business (1)


  • Level: 74
  • Requires level 72
  • Start: Zort
  • End: Zort

Collect 2 Vials of Corrosive Spit from the Jormungar by using the scraper on yourself. Bring the vials back to Zort in the Crystal Vice when your task is complete.

  • Vial of Corrosive Spit (2)

Provided item:

  • Zort’s Scraper

Quest Series


You will receive: 5 Gold 60 Silver

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 20,750 experience

Messy Business (3)

Messy Business (4)

Messy Business (5)

Messy Business (6)

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