Spirits Watch Over Us

Powerful spirits watch over my tribe — Kaskala will not be lost. Issliruk will give us courage, Tayutka will make sure our survivors always have food and shelter and Karkut will watch over the fallen so they do not lose their way. Issliruk’s guidance is the one we need the most right now. I asked my nephew, Iruk, to bring me Issliruk’s totem, but the Kvaldir’s spears struck him down and his body fell into the waters to the north. Bring me the totem, Vikstone. Don’t let my nephew’s death be in vain.


Elder Muahit at Njord’s Breath Bay wants you to find Iruk‘s corpse in the water and retrieve Issliruk’s totem.

  • Issliruk’s Totem

Quest Series


You will receive: 3 Gold 90 Silver

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Spirints Watch Over Us (2)

Spirints Watch Over Us (3)

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