A Soldier in Need

You there! Please, I need your help. This soldier will succumb to the cryptfiends’ venom unless we act immediately. I’ve managed to slow down the poison, but without a suitable supply of antidote I cannot counteract it. I was promised a new shipment of anti-venom in the Stormbreaker’s most recent trip from the south. Go inside its hold and search for a chest of first aid supplies.

Hurry, Warrior! We can’t afford to lose any more men unnecessarily.


Level: 71
Requires level 68
Start: Medic Hawthorn
End: Medic Hawthorn

Medic Hawthorn, outside of Valiance Keep, wants you to go inside the Stormbreaker’s hold and retrieve Hawthorn’s Anti-Venom from a crate of First Aid Supplies.

  • Hawthorn’s Anti-Venom

Quest Series


You will receive: (or 90 Silver if completed at level 90)

  • Super Rejuvenation Potion

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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