Finding the Phylactery

No time for small talk, Vikstone. I was sent on what was to be a suicide mission to take this ziggurat. I’ve accomplished my duty as a soldier, now is the time to get some answers. This lich has knowledge I seek, yet I cannot inflict pain to his physical body to obtain that knowledge.

The lich stored his soul in a phylactery, and while it remains hidden, I won’t be able to pry the information from him.

Return to the camp and take my horse, Dusk, she will lead you to the phylactery. Bring it to me.


Go to Death’s Stand and ride Dusk to the location of Tanathal’s Phylactery. Obtain it and bring it back to Thassarian inside the Wailing Ziggurat.

  • Tanathal’s Phylactery

Quest Series


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Finding the Phylactery (2)

Finding the Phylactery (3)

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