Silverbrook is a seemingly ordinary logging camp located to the north of Amberpine Lodge in Grizzly Hills. It sits directly to the west of the Blue Sky Logging Grounds PvP area and is under attack by soldiers from Conquest Hold.


At first glance, the citizens of Silverbrook are ordinary humans, eking out a living as loggers and forest folks in the harsh beauty of Grizzly Hills. However, there is darkness under the surface. In fact, the people of Silverbrook are under the influence of the Wolfcult. According to a journal that was retrieved (Mikhail’s Journal), members of the Wolfcult approached the people of Silverbrook and attempted to expand their influence there. At first, the people were reluctant, but over time the cult sympathisers far outweighed those that opposed it. Anyone who was against the teachings of the cult fled, was forcefully turned, or was killed for their heresy.

An example of the fate that befell those that opposed the Wolfcult can be found in Hollowstone Mine. Through the worshiping of the Wolfcult, the people of Silverbrook became cursed as worgen, and while they may look like the average human, a ferocious werewolf creature lives beneath their skin.

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