Fizzcrank Airstrip

Fizzcrank Airstrip is a gnome base in Borean Tundra, overshadowed by the crashed necropolis of Talramas. Questlines are available centering on Gearmaster Mechazod, who was reassembled from some unidentifiable robot parts that the gnomes’ pipelines had sucked up. It claims to have been built by the titans, and kidnaps any gnomes he can find in order to convert them into cyborg monstrosities by removing their “curse of the flesh”.

The airstrip is of particular interest to engineers. Most of the quests send you out to the Geyser Fields, where you can suck up gas clouds with your Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, and the mechanicals in that area can be dismantled when defeated in a manner similar to skinning, sometimes yielding engineering components or even, rarely, [Schematic: Jeeves].

Quest Chains

Mordle Cogspinner has:

After Plug the Sinkholes:

After The Mechagnomes, Mordle Cogspinner has:

After The Mechagnomes, Crafty Wobblesprocket has:

While battling Gnomish mechs, discover:

After Recursive, the Tailspin series:

Abner Fizzletorque has:

While in Magmoth, rescue Bonker Togglevolt:

Fizzcrank Airstrip (3)

Fizzcrank Airstrip (2)

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