Argent Stand

The Argent Stand is a base for the Argent Crusade in Zul’Drak. It is a large troll structure taken by the Crusade and serves as the main Argent Crusade questing hub in the region. From it, they defend the second tier of Zul’Drak from being invaded by the Scourge.

Quest Chains

Commander Falstaav starts:

Hexxer Ubungo starts:

After Pa’Troll, he also starts

After Parachutes for the Argent Crusade, Commander Kunz starts:

Complete Commander Falstaav‘s quests to unlock Pa’Troll.

To complete Troll Patrol, complete one quest from each of the four quest givers:

Captain Brandon:

Captain Grondel:

Captain Rupert:

Alchemist Finklestein:

He also starts:

While killing trolls:

The Argent Stand (2)

The Argent Stand (5)

The Argent Stand (6)

The Argent Stand (7)

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