It Could Be Anywhere!

When I found out that Miss Boulian was helping Nesingwary with his expedition, I signed up as a deckhand immediately. You see, I’d been meaning to marry her for months! I had it all planned out. I was going to propose the very night of the shipwreck… but now the ring is gone. I’ve searched everywhere!

I know it might sound crazy, but I know the engagement ring is in the Basin. If some Venture Company didn’t steal it, maybe a wild creature ate it. But it’s here somewhere… I just know it!

It Could Be Anywhere! (1)


Level: 76
Requires level 76
Start: Chad
End: Chad

Look for a Golden Engagement Ring on the various creatures in Sholazar Basin.

  • Golden Engagement Ring


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

You will also receive: 18 Gold 60 Silver

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 31,750 experience

You did it!  You actually found it! I don't know... I don't know how to thank you!

You did it! You actually found it!
I don’t know… I don’t know how to thank you!

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