I’m Being Blackmailed By My Cleaner

I have something embarrassing to admit: I’m being blackmailed! Mrmrglmr agreed to clean some of my things, and got hold of my spare murloc costume. He’s threatening to reveal my true nature to the other murlocs. I need not explain to you what a disaster that would be! Besides, I have a plan that’s going to require that we get that costume back.

Please, Vikstone, go to Mrmrglmr at the other end of the Retreat to the north and do whatever he asks of you.


King Mrgl-Mrgl has asked you to speak with Mrmrglmr at the northwest end of Winterfin Retreat.

Quest Series


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2,000 experience

I'm Being Blackmailed by My Cleaner (2)

I'm Being Blackmailed by My Cleaner (3)

Aw, so you must be the so-called King Mrgl-Mrgl’s lackey. I suppose that night elf has sent you to appease me? Good, I have just the thing that needs doing for someone as powerful as you!

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