Enlistment Day

You’ve come to enlist, right? Normally you’d have to stand in line like the other recruits. Normally you’d be out of luck because the recruitment ledger’s gone missing and I can’t process anyone until the new books get here. Fortunately for you, Vikstone, I’ve heard about you and what you did in Outland. To be honest, you’re a cut above these poor saps. Lines aren’t for you.

Go to the barracks and speak to General Arlos. He’ll be more than happy to meet with someone of your caliber.


Level: 71
Requires level 68
Start: Recruitment Officer Blythe
End: General Arlos

Meet with General Arlos inside the barracks in Valiance Keep.

Quest Series


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Enlistment Day 2

Enlistment Day (1)

Enlistment Day (2)

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