Cowards and Fools

Listen, Vikstone. No offense, but the operation they put Thassarian in charge of was pure suicide. A handful of our men were to launch an attack on the biggest Scourge presence in the area. Call me crazy, but storming a Scourge ziggurat outside a plagued Nerubian city with a dozen men ain’t my idea of fun.

If you’re still interested in finding Thassarian, we were supposed to arrange for passage east with a tuskarr by the name of Ataika in Kaskala to the northeast. Good luck with your fool’s errand.


Speak to Ataika in Kaskala, northeast of Valiance Keep.

Quest Series


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Cowards and Fools (2)

Cowards and Fools (3)

Cowards and Fools (4)

I remember the man you speak of. He bore the marks of Karkut. May Karkut protect our fallen.

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