Wintergarde Keep

Wintergarde Keep is the main Alliance base in Dragonblight. The lower half of this tiered city is now taken over by the Scourge and the remainder is besieged by forces operating out of Naxxramas, which hovers in the skies outside of the keep. Similar to the Vault of Lights in the Exodar, Wintergarde has a room of projections showing the bosses who reside in Naxxramas. Commander Eligor Dawnbringer offers information about the various individuals who reside in Kel’Thuzad’s black fortress. The 7th Legion is based here. This base is also home to the only known high elf arcane sanctum.

Quest Chains

After Return to the High Commander

After Return to the High Commander

After A Righteous Sermon and Understanding the Scourge War Machine

Group quests, after Return to the High Commander

Wintergarde Keep (3)

Wintergarde Keep (2)

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